Patio Pond

Patio ponds are designed for small spaces and are usually purchased as a kit. They are great for aquatic plants, goldfish, and small- to medium-sized koi. Their capacity is 800 gallons or less; they utilize skimmers and waterfall filters, and if cost is a concern, they can be built with minimal stone.

Patio ponds can be constructed as a water garden and cleared out yearly or built as an eco-pond and largely maintain itself.

Elements of a Patio Pond

Usually 1.5 – 2 feet deep with a flat bottom

Pump is 1,200 – 1,800gph

Add a small stream for more impact.

Keep the skimmer clean and clean the filter twice a year.

Utilize bog pockets for aquatic plants for easier maintenance (middle of the pond is more challenging to maintain).

With high flow and increased surface area within the pond, patio ponds can become small eco-ponds and maintained as such.

Seasons of a Patio Pond

Spring: As the pond wakes up, keep filtration clean, add plants, give the microbes time to recolonize before heavy fish feeding.

Summer: Pond is healthy and vibrant–enjoy! The heat of summer may cause some string algae and sediment buildup.

Fall: Pond cools down and microbes go to work cleaning the pond. Remove plant material as it dies, net the pond if near trees, keep the skimmer clean, and start backing off on feeding the fish as the water gets colder.

Winter: Keep pump running and stop feeding the fish. Keep a hose drained in case you need to add water in extreme cold.