Building Stone

Hardscape offers homebuilders and homeowners a variety of natural stone colors, sizes, patterns, and textures, adding elegance and quality but no maintenance to the house they’re building. In addition to standard types of stone typically found in yards in and around Oklahoma, we also carry our own unique blends, year-round, and encourage you to visit our yard to see what we have to offer!


Stone is known for its resilience and indestructability, and can withstand rain, snow, wind, hail, fire, and heat. Natural stone has no chemicals or synthetics added to it, and is cost effective. Using natural stone can also help the environment; in its natural state, it does not require the use of energy or power for production.

Building Stone Information

Hardscape Materials carries Chopped Stone, Fieldstone, Tumbled Stone, Rubble, Dimensional Stone, Quarried Stone & Blends.

Installation Methods

Each of these types of stone can be laid with 2 methods: a wet lay or mortar joint uses wet mortar to fill the joints just below the face of the stone. The slush and brush technique is when a much wider mortar joint is spread all the way to the face of the stone and then brushed smooth. The second method is a dry lay or drystack style, where a small amount of mortar is laid between the stones but is mostly behind the stones.