Marina Pond

This pond was constructed in 1998, when Hardscape Materials started getting serious about selling koi. The pond is four feet deep with a bottom drain at the deepest point. The side walls were framed with 2″ x 4″ lumber and a lightweight concrete mixture was troweled into the side walls; once set, the framework was removed and voids were filled to make smooth side walls.

Protective underlayment was laid in and smoothed out, with big folds in the four corners. 45mil EPDM liner was laid in and smoothed out with the only folds or wrinkles in the corners. Seam tape secures the folds down flat.

Originally, this pond was filtered with homemade 55-gallon poly drum filters, but those were replaced with PondEco® filters set up as sediment and bio filters. In 2019, trickle filters were used to retrofit the filtration. A pressurized bead filter by the northeast corner draws exclusively from the no-niche skimmer, and is equipped with a 40-watt UV sterilizer.

This pond often has many fish in it; with a little monitoring, the filters catch up and maintain good water quality very well.