Pump Shack

A beautiful water feature can turn your backyard into an oasis. You can get everything you need in the Pump Shack at Hardscape Materials—and while we don’t build water features, we have contractors we work with all the time that we highly recommend. Our beautiful display ponds will help you decide what type of pond is right for you.

Water Plants

Water plants are like natural water filters; they clean impurities from your pond or water feature and prevent algal blooms. Each spring, Hardscape stocks an incredible variety of water lettuce, hyacinth, and more: Umbrella Palm, Parrot’s Feather, Golden Canna, Aster, Iris, Aztec Arrowhead, Scarlet Sage, Bog Lilly, and Woodland Phlox are several of the many, many choices you have for your water feature!

Fish + Their Care

Our well-stocked pond department has virtually everything to help you build and maintain your water feature, including pumps, repair kits, maintenance supplies, fish, and more.


If you like the sights and sounds of running water in your backyard but don’t have the space for a pond, then a bubbling rock or urn is the perfect solution. Bubblers create peaceful sounds and offer beautiful visuals. Choose pottery, or a boulder or column–we can drill anything you find here, and also have some already drilled for you!

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