Backyard Brook

A Backyard Brook system can give you the sights and sounds of a tropical waterfall, but without the pond. A twisting and babbling stream can curve a path through your backyard, and the water empties into a pit of gravel. These water features are extremely low maintenance, can be turned off and on at any time, and are child friendly. Birds and butterflies will flock to your yard when you create a habitat with a water feature.

Tips for the best Backyard Brook

  • Fill the pit with coarse gravel or with your preferred filler, and top with a layer of decorative gravel.
  • The PumpVault™ in the pit houses the pump; it can be easily removed for routine maintenance and/or closing the system for winter.
  • The stream can be any length or width; at the upper end, you choose between “curtain falls” or “waterfall diffuser” to create a natural-looking source point.
  • Aquatic plants like marginals, bog plants, lotus, and many others thrive in a backyard brook pit and stream. The flowing water bathes the roots with nutrient-rich water, and the plants grow more vibrant in those environments.

Maintaining a Backyard Brook

  • It’s critical that you keep the pit full of water; float switches and auto-fill valves help control the water level automatically.
  • Treat algae with one of the many products available in the Pump Shack–we offer chemical and non-chemical treatment options.