Koi Pond

Koi ponds are for true koi enthusiasts and are primarily for rearing high-quality koi. Collecting a stable of fine koi is a fun and rewarding hobby, and koi collectors are always looking for a fine specimen to add to their collection. Trading, selling, breeding, and upgrading are all part of the game to acquire the ultimate collection of koi. Koi shows take place in nearly every state in the U.S. Oklahoma has many koi breeders who produce some of the finest domestic koi in the country.

Elements to a koi pond

Koi ponds are designed to support heavy fish loads and remove fish waste fast. These ponds are usually four to six feet deep, with bottoms that slope toward bottom drains to remove waste. Water is run through a sediment filter to remove the heavier solids, and then pumped through a biological filter to utilize naturally occurring microbes to remove the toxic ammonia generated by fish waste and respiration. Water flows through UV sterilizers to zap any bacteria or pathogens. Some systems have a polishing filter as a final step to crystal-clear water. Koi ponds are fairly sterile, and often are built indoors or have a structure built around them to control the environment and keep debris to a minimum.

Maintaining a koi pond

Koi keeping takes quite a commitment. Regular water changes and regular filter cleanings are mandatory. Test your water often (the crew in the Pump Shack here will test your water at no cost once a month!) and the rewards and satisfaction are well worth it!