Patio Pond

Patio ponds are designed for small spaces and are usually purchased as a kit. They are great for aquatic plants, goldfish, and small- to medium-sized koi.

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Dinosaur Pond

The Dinosaur Pond was the second constructed at Hardscape Materials. Originally built with a pressurized filter similar to a swimming pool filter, it drew water through a bottom drain. The Dino Pond is a great example of an excellent Eco-Pond.

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Marina Pond

This pond was constructed in 1998, when Hardscape Materials started getting serious about selling koi. It is a true koi pond.

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Backyard Brook

A Backyard Brook system can give you the sights and sounds of a tropical waterfall, but without the pond. A twisting and babbling stream can curve a path through your backyard, and the water empties into a pit of gravel.

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Koi Quality

Hardscape Materials only sells the higher grades of koi. Selecting your koi is fun! The best advice: choose a fish you like.

Koi Pond