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The 5 Types of Ponds

Water Gardens

Limestone Flats

Water Gardens are the most uncomplicated of all ponds.  Water Gardens do not require much filtration.  Aquatic plants help filter the water, provide good shade for cooler water temps in the summer months and absorb nutrients that algae thrives on.  This type of pond is very affordable.  The best filter for a small water garden is the Eco Series “Tempo” submersible filter.  This filter matched with a durable Mag drive pump will have you on your way to a beautiful and relaxing water garden or container garden.

Patio Ponds

Patio Pond

Patio Ponds are designed for small spaces and are usually purchased as a kit. They are great for aquatic plants, goldfish and small the medium sized koi. They are generally not over 800 gallons in capacity. They utilize skimmers and waterfall filters and, if cost is a concern, they can be built with minimal stone. They can be constructed as water garden and cleaned out yearly, or built as an Eco Pond and be nearly self maintaining. The Eco Series “Prelude” pond kit is an excellent choice for a Patio Pond.

Eco Ponds

Limestone Boulders

Eco Ponds are the most popular type of water feature being installed today. Thorough the creation of “fish safe” rubber membrane and the explosion of water features in the early 90’s, there was very little information on pond design and construction. The only people who knew anything about ponds were water gardeners and koi keepers. This created two very different philosophies about pond construction. Through experimentation and taking cues on how the aquarium industry evolved, forward thinking individuals realized what was required to build a water feature. The Eco Pond is self sustaining, using biological filtration to maintain pond health and cleanliness.

Backyard Brooks

Backyard Brooks are the most exciting new segment in the water feature industry! A backyard brook can give you the sights and sounds of a tropical waterfall, but without the pond! A twisting and babbling stream can curve a path throughout your backyard. The water simply empties into a pit of gravel. These features are extremely low maintenance and can be turned off and on at any time. Backyard brooks are child and animal friendly. Birds and butterflies will flock to your yard when you create a habitat with a water feature.

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are for true koi enthusiasts. They require more maintenance and very sanitary conditions, They are primarily for rearing high quality koi. Collecting a stable of beautiful koi is a fun and rewarding hobby. Koi collectors are always on the lookout for a fine specimen to add to their collection. Trading, selling, breeding and upgrading are all part of the game to acquire a supreme collection of koi. Koi shows take place in nearly every state in the US. Oklahoma has many koi breeders who produce some of the finest domestic koi in the country.