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Soils and Mulches


Buying Bulk Mulch is easy at Hardscape Materials. Not only will buying Mulch in the bulk save you money, you won’t have to deal with the messy bags.
Don’t be fooled by other vendors, we are very precise about quantity of our scoops.
Each scoop is 14 cubic feet which is over 1/2 a yard.
Cedar is $19 per scoop or $38 for a little over a yard.
Dark Brown and Red are $39 for over a half a yard or $78 for over a yard.

To purchase Mulch, stop by the Main Office or one of the Cashier areas to prepay.
They will print you a ticket to give to the equipment operator.  There is no need  to weigh in at the scales for Mulch and Soil which are a prepay item.

Bagged Products

Bagged Products

  • Available in bag or bulk
  • Bulk mulch available in Dark Brown, Red & Cedar.

1 Scoop of Mulch covers:
1″ Deep = 150 Square Feet
2″ Deep = 75 Square Feet
3″ Deep = 50 Square Feet
Weight of one scoop approx. 700-900 pounds

Hardscape Materials offers a broad selection from top soil, planters mix, compost, bagged potting soils and amendments to bulk or bagged mulch for any application.
Our top soil is a clean top soil.  The planters mix consists of 40% top soil, 40% leaf compost, 10% sand and 10% mushroom compost.
We also have a huge selection of decorative gravels for ground cover.

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