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Grow Lights


Spectrum King

Spectrum King is the first company to provide Full Spectrum LED grow lights to both the commercial and home growing community. We design our LED grow lights to mimic the sunlight because that is what plants need. Unlike other LED grow lights, SKLED distances their competitors by having one of the largest PAR ranges, as well as high lumens count. Plants need more than just ultraviolet or red light; they need the Full Spectrum of colors for their grow cycle (including Blues, Reds, etc.).

Unlike other grow lights and bulbs, Spectrum King's full spectrum grow lights supply the plants all light they need. Also, they do not get hot (saving money on both AC and maintenance), while protecting the environment from pollution. If you grow with HPS grow lights (an old technology), you know how much money must be allocated to your electricity bills! When you change to Spectrum King LED lights, you will get higher yields for less expense, whether you are a commercial or home grower.

When you choose to grow with inexpensive/lower quality LED grow lights, or even ONE color LED grow light you will notice the difference when you change to Spectrum King LED and get much better yields in your commercial and home grows.

California Lightworks

Since 2008 California Lightworks has been a pioneer in advanced technology LED lighting for horticulture. All products are designed, manufactured and supported in our Southern California factory and we stand behind every product we have ever made. From small scale home grow to large scale indoor and greenhouse applications, we offer optimal lighting solutions.



Gavita is the global market leader in assimilation lighting for the professional horticulture and indoor growing industries. Since it began over 30 years ago, a strong emphasis has been placed on innovation. Gavita has witnessed the birth of many technological developments that are now the market standard. All the world’s horticultural areas are served from our sites in the Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and Norway.


Phantom brand of ballasts and reflectors represents the very best available in indoor horticultural lighting equipment. The Phantom ballast family includes both traditional and double-ended models. The original Phantom and Phantom II ballasts led the way, offering adjustable output control (dimming), silent operation and precise microprocessor control. These core features formed the basis for the innovation that led to our latest models of Phantom double-ended (DE) ballasts.


Full Commercial DE lighting systems are also available, and they feature the winning combination of Phantom ballasts, reflectors and Agrosun DE lamps. These DE systems embody our innovative double-ended technology, which uniformly delivers optimum PAR value over a broad footprint.



Hydrofarm’s Agrobrite line offers high lumen output, energy-saving options for many growing environments. Agrobrite T5 systems feature aluminum specular interiors, powder-coated steel housing, fluorescent 6400K tubes, and multiple on-off switches on most models. You can hang Agrobrite lighting fixtures three different ways—overhead, vertical, or horizontal—which makes them versatile enough to fit nearly any indoor garden configuration.

Sunburst CMH

The Sunburst CMh system combines two of our most popular products—the Sunburst and  Phantom CMh—into a single unit that brings the benefits of ceramic metal halide lighting to all applications, small and large, in the Sunburst’s compact, all-in-one format.

The Sunburst CMh has a built-in digital ballast designed specifically to run the 315W ceramic metal halide lamp, which in this system operates in the horizontal position. The reflector’s interior is 95% European hammertone aluminum and offers excellent uniformity and diffusion.

Choose between lamp color temperature options of 3100K (this item, SBCMH31531K) and 4200K (item SBCMH31542K).



Light your garden right with ballasts and reflectors from our Xtrasun collection.  Xtrasun ballasts feature a unique patented aluminum housing, convection cooling, and exclusive lock & seal detachable in-line plug system—all of which contribute to reliable service at value prices. You’ll benefit from the ballast’s exclusive cooling ports, multi-mount handle, aluminum fins, and rubber mount feet that keep your system grounded and efficient. Xtrasun ballasts are available to power both sodium and halide bulbs (400W, 600W, or 1000W for sodium or 400W and 1000W for halide*), and offer dual 120V/ 240V input. Give yourself the utmost flexibility with the Xtrasun Convertible, offering one-click flexibility to drive either sodium or halide bulbs.

Xtrasun reflectors are compatible with both sodium (400W, 430W, 600W, 1000W) and halide (400W, 1000W) lamps, and deliver the brightest, broadest spectrum of light for fastest growth. Constructed from highly reflective European specular aluminum, the air-coolable Xtrasun AC reflectors are CSA-certified. You’ll find the low-profile design easy to use when changing out bulbs. Customize your setup with optional flanges, lens system, and lamp and cord set. All reflectors include hanging hardware and instructions. Whatever your lighting needs, Xtrasun has you covered.