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If you like the sights and sounds of running water in your backyard but don’t have the space for a pond then a bubbling rock or urn is the perfect solution. Bubblers create peaceful sounds and offer beautiful visuals.

Come in a choose any of our glazed pottery


Or a pre-drilled boulder


And if you see a boulder you would like to use as a bubbling rock we can drill it!

Bubblers are easy to install and very low maintenance.


You can even leave them on during the winter

Four sized kits available to accommodate whatever size bubbler you choose.



Dozens of different vase sizes and colors.

We can turn any of our pots into water features.

One of our newest finishes.

One of our newest finishes.


Use Basalt columns for a unique natural look.


Basalt Column Water Feature


#1 Select your location and mark the outline of the basin. Avoid low spots. Set the basin an inch or two higher than the surrounding ground to prevent runoff from entering.

#2 Excavate approximately 7-8 inches. Put a thin layer of sand down as a base, especially if the soil is rough. Level the sand bottom.

#3 Place basin in excavated hole. Make sure basin in level in all directions. Backfill all sides with sand or fine soil. Fill all voids.

#4 Carefully set feature in center of grating. Align hole in feature with hole in grate.

#5 Feed tubing through hole in feature, through grating and towards one of the four bays. Leave extra tubing for easy pump maintenance.

#6 Connect pump and tubing and place pump in bay.

#7 Place lid over pump compartment. Pump can be easily removed at any time by clearing gravel or river rock on lid.

#8 Spread decorative gravel or river rock on grating. Just enough to cover grating is all that is required. Fill with water and plug pump into a GFI protected outlet with weather cover.

Aquatic plants can be set in unused bays. Remove lid and se in bay.