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Plants, Aquatic and Terrestrial


Aquatic plants

Hardscape Materials carries the gamut in aquatic plants, from vibrant lilies and lotus, to Marginals, oxygenators, and floaters.

Usually starting around the middle of April, the boats in Echo Cove Marina will start filling up with a wide variety of hardy and tropical aquatic plants to get your pond off to a stunning and healthy start.

Need terrestrials, with Hardscape Materials newly expanded greenhouse facilities, we carry the very best in perennials, annuals, hanging baskets, and so much more.


“Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Aquatic plants are natures solution for filtering water and controlling algae.

Marginals grow on the edge of rivers, lakes and ponds. In addition to absorbing nutrients, they help control erosion as well as give hiding places for small fish and animals. Their colorful flowers attract insects to help spread their pollen.

In your pond, Marginals also help soften the edges of the many stones, lure butterflies, absorb toxins and heavy metals, and naturalize your pond.

Lilies, planted 12″ to 24″ deep, provide shade, forage, and protection for your fish from herons and other predators. Their flowers come in hundreds of varieties and are indeed the jewel of all pond plants.

Oxygenators, grown in most all levels of the pond, are excellent filtering plants as well as provide food and habitat for the many micro-organisms that are such a vital part of this eco-system. A popular favorite, parrots feather, is great in waterfalls, streams, and the edge of the pond as well.

Floaters, the easiest of all plants to instate, simply toss them in, are also the best at controlling algae. Because their roots dangle freely in the pond, they naturally come in contact with more nutrient laden water than plants contained in pots or bogs. Water lettuce does well when placed in a stream bed.