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Fountains and Statuary





Hardscape Materials has one of the largest selection of fountains in north east Oklahoma. Our large showroom has everything from small concrete fountains to large granite fountains from Asia.

Choosing a fountain for some will be based on the amount of sound the fountain will produce for others it may be the visual appearance of the fountain.
In our showroom we have many of our fountains operational. This allows our customers to hear and see the water features they may be choosing. When you have your selection narrowed down then there are some fabulous color choices, from paints to acid stains.

Fountains are operating so you can see and hear them

Several styles and colors to choose from.

Special orders will generally take 3-6 weeks depending on the season.

We have a vast selection of vendors offering fountains for every size and budget. Our suppliers include several of the country’s leading fountain manufacturers such as Massarelli’s Campania, Kansas City Art, David’s Patio, Skiatook Statuary and more.



Unique Statuary Available

Unique Statuary Available

Statuary encompasses the sublime to the ridiculous, it is as familiar as the garden gnomes to the ancient elegant buddha. The availability of free time to spend in our yards and gardens has boosted interest in ornamenting quiet corners of flower gardens with cherubs, birdbaths, and gargoyles. The same statuary can be used indoors as paperweights, decorations for the mantelpiece, wall display, or other ornamentation. It provides a relatively inexpensive means of echoing a design or artistic theme in a room, establishing atmosphere, and providing interest in an empty space.
Statuary is cast using molds and is made of cement, plaster, or resin. The finish of statuary consists of either an applied finish like color or a natural finish that allows the true color and beauty of the material to show. Some painted statuary may fade or flake. The other option is an acid stain which penetrates the cement and embeds the color throughout.




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