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Decorative Gravel

Buying bulk gravel and river rocks by the ton:

  • Weigh vehicle on the scales to get your empty weight.
    If hauling a trailer, weigh vehicle 1st and trailer 2nd.
  • Pull in front of the Bin you would like to purchase, leaving plenty of room for the equipment to access the gravel for loading purposes.
    If you are filling up containers fill free to pull as close as possible keeping in mind you may have to move periodically.
  • After loading return to the scales for loaded weight, keeping same number of people in the vehicle as the first weigh in.
  • You will be given a ticket to take to the main office for payment.


One Scoop of Gravel with Equipment
Weighs between 1500 -1800 lbs
You can always request a small scoop or a half scoop.

1.5 Tons = 1 Yard
1 Scoop = 12.5 Cubic Feet

Calculating materials:
Measure the area you want to cover to find out your square footage.  Length X Width = Square Feet

Decide what depth you would like the gravel or river rock, normally 2″-3″ is common for gravels 1 1/4″ or less.

One Ton of 1 1/4″ or less Gravel covers:
100 Square Feet – 2″ Deep
75 Square Feet – 3″ Deep

One Ton of Large Gravel covers:
25-50 Square Feet depending on the size

*all stone prices subject to change