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DIY Wood Fired Ovens

June 4, 2015 • Jody Porter Aside

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to gather together, enjoy the summer weather and eat.
Building a wood fired oven will truly make you the hit of the summer and winter.


Wood Fired Oven Dome, Sidewalls, Entrance Tunnel and Flue

Hardscape Materials has everything you need to construct a wood fired oven.  The hard part about a wood oven is making sure the air circulates around the food.  Our kits include a prefab dome, this and the entrance tunnel will ensure the proper circulation.

This project won’t be done overnight but it will be built to last a lifetime.

Watch our 3 part videos where an experienced mason builds a 24″ wood fired oven from scratch.  This project can be built in a week or less.  Don’t settle for an instant gratification experience by investing in a lesser quality Wood Oven.  Build a true Masonry Wood Oven that memories will be built around.

Wood Fired Oven-Part 1
Wood Fired Oven-Part 2
Wood Fired Oven-Part 3

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