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DIY University

Often, it’s not the cost of the materials that make the project costly, it’s the labor. An experienced company will have staff consisting of masons and laborers, tools and equipment and most importantly insurance.  With every good company there will be vacation pay, advertising, bookkeeping and all those other expenses. Hardscape supplies material for many of these professional companies and they are worth every penny you will pay them.
On the other hand, if you dare to tackle your own project, you don’t have to pay for any of this. Surprisingly, most hardscape projects are within the capabilities of just about everyone. There are difficult rocks to lay, and there are easy rocks to lay.
If your masonry project has to be a work of art, then by all means hire an experienced crew. If you can live with imperfections that only a professional would notice, then dive on in!


Easy to Lay: These stones are pre chopped so there is hardly any hammering required. Lay using standard sized joints, keeping the joint size consistent. Start in an area that might not be seen, with a little practice, it will look like a professional job!

Hard to lay stones: Stone that is not chopped will require quite a bit more hammering. Usually the pattern will be more irregular. A Dry lay is the most difficult. Although we have seen many amazing jobs by :, it does require patience and time.

DIY Completed Projects: Phil W. of Tulsa (retired) built this incredible backyard oasis while he was recuperating from surgery. It includes a firepit, seating wall, pond with waterfall, and fireplace.
For the fireplace Phil used Finnegan Chopped Limestone, for the firepit and seating wall he used Surface limestone, and flagstone was used for all caps. Great Job Phil!