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Hardscape Materials Hours:
through June 30, 2021
Monday – Friday 8:00-6:00
Saturday 8:00-5:00
Sunday 12:00-4:00
*beginning July 1, we are closed on Sundays*

(918) 369-1170
11610 S. Memorial Dr.
Bixby, OK 74008

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Thank you so much for your help this morning in locating a local dealer for the Eco Basin. I truly appreciate it. Also, your DIY Video to install the basin is a big help. It’s not everyday that you encounter a business with such outstanding customer service.

Have a blessed day.

Dawn Lawson Upper Marlboro, MD

Thanks for your help. I got my fish home and in the pond. I will say that if it hadn’t been for your website I probably wouldn’t have upgraded my pond filter and pond pump or gotten the fish I have. I like the ease of online shopping and being able to compare prices. As I told you, I also like your feature of showing what people bought in addition to another item. I am one of those people that tries to figure things out and when I go to a store I don’t always know what I’m looking for. The online store allows me to decide without any pressure and it totally makes making my mind up a lot easier. If you should need any assistance or feedback from customers about your online store don’t hesitate to call or email me. I’ve recommended your store and website to several people and have spend probably about 1500-2000 dollars there in the past two years. No reply is necessary to this email…just wanted to let you know how great I think this site is and you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work.



Will do and thank you ever so much again…You have no idea what a Blessing this is…I have really hung in there with my fish….however, it has been a Herculean task….I hope the charcoal keeps on working….


Mary Kay

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the activated charcoal for my pond. I did as you told me to and siphoned off about ¼ of the pond water, put the bag with the charcoal in the bio filter that feeds the waterfall and in three days, I am able to see the bottom of the pond and I suspect that in a couple more days, everything will be crystal clear.

I cannot thank you enough for suggesting this product. You have no idea how many products I have tried over the past 10 years… and how much money I’ve spent. It is amazing that my fish have survived and grown…I have seven in the pond and my guess is that they are all at least 12 inches or more…they were probably about 6 inches when I purchased them years ago.

Once again, thank you and WOW!….I shall change the charcoal in about three months unless I see the water getting dirty prior to that time…. If this continues to work, it will be the most economical product I have ever used for this purpose.


Mary Kay

Hi just a note to say thank you for being so prompt and getting our pond pump to us when you said you would. It was exactly what we needed, everything went back exactly as it was before, we are back in business so to speak.

Thanks again,

Gayle T.

Yeah i have been watching the videos on the home page of and i have to say i am very very impressed by the product. I talked to one of the branches and man talk about a wonderful help he was. I would really like to talk to the owner and the guy in the video clips on the home page. I know he would be great conversation. In Colorado there are very few people that use Pondeco and i think that my company may start using it but i still need to do research on things. I am way new and have a bunch of questions. Write back to me if you know how i could get a hold of that guy!!!


The Bug.

Talk about great customer service. I’ve been looking for at-least one more line to go with our others and Pond Eco is it.

When I started building ponds I was always afraid of cutting the liner and used to use the same system with Atlantic or PondSweep that Pond Eco uses. But it was hard to get the skimmers anchored, so I like the ridge design of PondEco to hold the skimmer in place.


We have purchased soil, rock and more from Hardscape Materials and we are sold! Great product and great customer service. Just stroll around and get all kinds of great ideas for your landscaping. Real pleasure to do business with and highly recommended.

March 25, 2009 by Expressions Imprint in Bixby, OK

I went out to buy a few pathway stones. I I went out to buy a few pathway stones. I ended up building a small water garden pond. The example displays they have at Hardscape made me want one of my own….

08/26/2008 by Julls

Going to Hardscape is like going to a free watergarden display park. They have lots of garden ponds that are real nice. You can’t help wanting to build one of your own. There is an arbor that is made of stone pillars with wisteria…

11/12/2007 by Tadaa

I bought a vase / urn fountain that water comes up and spills over side, then keeps recirculating. I put it in a small planting bed by the front door. Everybody likes it and says something about it. It adds a peaceful feel to welcome visitors….

Landscaping Stones

I enjoyed a long stroll around Hardscape. The ponds are soothing. I was amazed at all the stacks of rocks ans stones. They have so many sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. I chose a stack of rose colored flagstone for a stepping stone pathway around…

1/23/2008 by Renee O.

Rocks for flower bed borders

My flower beds have the strong plastic edging that is embedded in the ground, then on the inside of that edging is pretty rocks purchased from hardscape. The inground edging helps, but it does not stop the bermuda grass from hopping over it trying to…

11/13/2007 by Helen M.

Hardscape ROCKS!

Hardscape has the best slate, rocks, and boulders. The choices in size and colors is endless. They have a more stocked than anyone. They have garden ponds and supplies if you want one of those. Even if you don’t it is great to go…

09-23-2007 by Skylermax

About Ponds…

We love listening to the waterfall when we get off work. We haven’t regretted one cent. There are times you spend on something and after a while you regret it, not on this, not at all.

Paula & Jack

We are out every morning and every evening, the evening is particularly nice because we have the lights under the waterfall and that’s really awesome.

Paula P.

We have a lot of neighbors who walk and they stop by and ask who built our pond and where I buy my plants and they are all very positive about it.

Paula P.

We tell everyone they don’t know what they are missing. If you do not have a pond you can’t imagine what it’s like.

Paula & Jack

My wife is a master gardener, I’m not much of a yard person but I’m a project person, that’s what inspired us to do this. When we got it actually done my inspirations changed and it’s an ongoing hobby if you will. So what originally was initiated to buy me some time to the things I wanted to do, now has created something I like to do.


It’s changed our backyard so much, we used to have a rather bland backyard and nothing but bermuda grass but now it’s become an entertainment area.


Owning a pond far exceeded what I thought it would be, the pleasure it gives us is incredible. When I come out here it’s like (sigh) a nice glass of wine, the pond and sometimes a nice cigar, it just doesn’t get any better than that.



We had a real blessing, we hadn’t had fish in our pond but for about two weeks when we had babies, that’s been so much fun.

Paula P.

My wife and I both like to feed the fish, they’ve become like pets and I was mentioning to her last night that if they didn’t have to stay in the water they would follow us to the back door.