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Building Stone

Natural Building Stone
Nothing adds a sense of elegance and quality quite like using natural stone.
A home built using natural stone is rock solid.
Natural Stone comes in a variety of textures, colors, sizes and patterns.
Natural Stone applications command a hefty return as stone is unique and beautiful.
Natural Stone requires no maintenance and radiates quality and durability.

Harvested from the field this stone lends a rustic look with their freeform shape and earthy tones.
Tumbled Stone
Chopped stone that has been turned
in a large rock tumbler to round the edges. Giving the stone a cobble look.
2 or more types of stone blended to create an exclusive look. mixing rubbles with chopped stone will lower the cost.
Chopped Stone
Chopped Stone
Slabs of stone that have been machine cut with guillotine choppers into squares and rectangles.
Quarried Stone
Quarried Building Stone
Stone that has been excavated and processed into managable sized pieces for masonry veneer.
Rubble Ends
End cuts from the chopped stone and dimensional stone cutting process.
Non premium stone at a great price.
dimensional stone
Dimensional Stone
Sawn into a modular pattern usually consisting of 2-4 heights of stone that are used to create an ashlar pattern.
Generally stone that is 4” thick or less, chopped a specific width but longer random lengths.
dry lay stone technique
wet lay stone technique
Dry Lay / Wet Lay
Top photo is Haggard Stone Dry laid. Bottom photo is the same stone wet laid or slush and brush method.