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Hardscape Materials

Ponics Plus is the newest addition to Hardscape Materials Inc.

  • Commercial & Home Grower Supplies 
  • Soil & Grow Medias Including Potting Soil, Coco Coir, Hydroton and Soiless Medias
  • Quality Nutrients, Grow Lights, Controllers, CO2 Equipment, Grow Tents and Processing Equipment 

Ponics Plus is located in the old grill shoppe.

Plant Cloning System

Hardscape Materials is the go to place in Northeastern Oklahoma for
building stone, water features, furniture, pottery and all your fireplace needs.
Conveniently located on 116th & Memorial in South Tulsa since our beginnings in 1991.
Hardscape Materials offers a vast amount of inventory and the availability to deliver quickly.
We offer builder and contractor discounts, special customer service, accurate weights and excellent selection.

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Hardscape Materials is one of Tulsa’s best kept secrets.  Walking under the Wisteria arbor, listening to the water features, finding a cool spot to sit and just enjoy the surroundings, That’s just a taste of what our display gardens are about.

. IMG_4745   IMG_4746
Don’t forget to visit the Water Feature Department located just North of the Scalehouse. This is where the smaller Koi are located for sale along with pumps, filters, skimmers and all the accessories dedicated to pond building and maintenance.
IMG_5785   Buffett1
Once you’ve been inspired then you can head out into the heart of Hardscape, the stone yard.  Many of the materials we offer have been used in our display areas. If you have located something you are interested in, head to the Scalehouse where Stone Sales is located and we will be able to answer any questions or point you in the right direction. You may drive around and check out our selection but ALWAYS weigh empty before loading. Some areas are by the whole pallet only, such as our concrete pavers and Belgard products. Please ask for assistance when purchasing such products.Labled
Hardscape Materials has expanded our facility to include a Greenhouse which sells excellent quality annuals, unique perennials and tropicals.
Concrete fountains are located in the greenhouse and surrounding area with statuary just to the South of the greenhouse.


The Garden Center

Unique Statuary



Glazed Balls and Colorful Stools

Choose a Pot and we can plumb for a water feature

Lots of colors, sizes and styles